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Where You Bank and Invest Matters

Big banks lend billions of their customers' dollars to support fossil fuel projects while most ESG investments have little impact on communities or the environment.

Most Banks & Funds

  • The biggest banks in America lend more than $210 billion of their customers' money to fossil fuel.
  • The largest ESG fund in the U.S. invest in companies like Apple and JPMorgan—not renewable energy.
  • Most banks and funds optimize for shareholder profits rather than the environment or community.

Impact Banks & Funds

  • Green banks lend to renewable energy projects instead of fossil fuel projects.
  • Impact investments fund community development, renewable energy, and other high-impact programs.
  • Most impact banks and funds still offer competitive interest rates, bonuses, and returns.

Match Your Money with Your Values

We make it easy to find and compare high-impact banks and funds to support the causes that you care about most without sacrificing interest rates, cashback rewards, or investment returns.

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